Motorcycle Requirements:

  • A well-prepared motorcycle that is at least 250cc (4-Stroke)(125cc GP also allowed).
  • No fluid leaks, good brakes, etc.
  • Remove or tape mirrors
  • Disconnect brake light, or remove bulbs/fuse, or tape brake-light lens
  • Adequate chain slack (read your owners manual)
  • Excellent tires (We prefer new, and suggest that you contact the manufacturer for recommended racetrack pressures. These are not the pressures on the side of the tire, nor are they the pressures cited in your owners manual).

Rider Requirements:

  • A minimum of one year of streetbike riding experience.
  • Medical insurance. RideHVMC provides no medical insurance.
  • Must be in good general health. If you have any health concerns please get consent from your primary care doctor.